Enhancing multichain payment systems

With Swaap you can pay and receive from anyone, anywhere, at any time, with seamless liquidity in fiat currency.


What is Swaap?

Swaap is an universal blockchain payment system, that can be used by anyone, anywhere. It is free to use, open source, decentralized and offers multichain compatibility, which allow users to navigate through different networks seamlessly, and developers to create comprehensive and integrated payment solutions. Swaap tokens - or SAP - are backed by a range of assets, cash and cash equivalents and this ensures that will be always available liquidity for you to convert your tokens in fiat currency when you need it.

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Redeem your tokens easily

Instant and reliable liquidity

We guarantee an easy and user-friendly way to redeem your tokens in fiat currency, with the funds deposited directly on your bank account.

Our ecosystem

A strong network of partners

When using our tokens, you will count on a number of tools, solutions and services provided by our network of partners.

Fast settlement

Send it to anyone, anywhere

You can send your tokens to anyone, anywhere, with settlement in just a few seconds. It is a secure and reliable way to relocate and redeploy your funds.

Multichain compatible

Compatible, secure

Our technology is compatible with multiple networks, allowing users to navigate through different blockchains seamlessly.

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