About Us

Our project aims to create a truly universal payment system using blockchain technology. We endeavor to offer a wide range of solutions to enable companies and individuals to do business globally.

Secure, reliable

Security is paramount to reliability, and it is something we take seriously when developing our products.

Open source

All of our products and services are open source, as we believe on working with the community to improve and evolve.


We endeavor to serve all of our users with scalable and future-proof services, ready for large scale adoption.

A community-driven project

All of our products and services aims to improve the way communities deal with cross-border and cross-chain payments, and all of our codes are open source.

Empowering businesses

We offer a wide range of tools to enable individuals to trade globally, on a decentralized and democratic way. Our focus is to join blockchain and legacy systems to create a truly useful platform to our users.

Liquidity and compliance

All Swaap Stablecoin (SAP) tokens are collateralized, and you will always be able to access immediate liquidity in fiat currency through our online platform.


Our technology allows cross-chain payments, acting as a hub for settlement between different blockchain networks, frictionless.

Chain-on-demand concept

We have created a chain-on-demand concept, which drastically reduces the costs of using on-chain services by aggregating transactions and selectively communicating them to the main blockchain database.

Our project's roadmap

Understand how it will all comes together.






Phase Hera

The initial stage of the project. Focus on creative works and problem solving, all in order to create a workable concept that will guide the project through its next stages. Phase Hera will set the foundation for the project's development.

Phase Athena

Following Phase Hera, Phase Athena is when we will launch the official website, deploy the core smart contracts on the testnet and start establishing key partnerships to further develop the platform.

Phase Apollo

As the project matures, tokens are deployed to the mainnet, promotional campaigns start, Nova Bank's platform integration is finalized and as the ecosystem expands, the development of Chainhub starts.

Phase Hermes

With the project approaching its final stages, stakes are distributed and trade is allowed to start for Swaap Governance (SAPG) tokens. A possible second funding round starts, Chainhub development continues and the platform gain more public awareness an utility now that users can trade the platform's tokens.

Phase Zeus

In the final stage of the project, Swaap Governance (SAPG) tokens are fully distributed, the Council is created, the governance platform is launched, a brand new developers' portal is launched, the website and all social media profiles are reviewed and tweaked and the platform is officially launched. From this point on the governance is exercised by the community and overseen by the Council.

(TBC) = To Be Confirmed

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