Binance Swaap

Binance Swaap is the mirror token for Swaap in the Binance Smart Chain.

Token Information

Name: Binance Swaap
Ticker: BSAP
Decimals: 4
Initial Issuance (non circulating): 1,000,000,000 (1b)
Blockchain Address: 0xE90833062E3b26f4Ae70a9A57721FCA4D07210FD
Treasury Address: 0x86471665E962F9169b7B621C9f51c88E6A1D618a

BSC Supply & Market Metrics

Last Updated 19/03/2021

Circulating Supply: 601,337.7622 (601.3k)
Non Circulating Supply: 999,398,662.2378 (0.99b)
Custodian Supply¹: 0 (0m)
Total Market Cap (in USD): $0 ($601.3k)

¹ Funds under Nova Bank's custody, being traded within the platform.