Brand Assets

We built this brand for you. All of our brand assets are license-free and you can use them to market any related projects or promotional content.

These guidelines are just a framework to help on standardizing the usage of our brand assets and on creating a solid and consistent identity to our brands.


The logo is the single most important piece of any brand's visual identity. Every time you use one of our logos, ensure that it can be seen clearly, always leaving a reasonable area of clean space around it.

When using the logo on colored backgrounds, choose between the clear/dark versions, always picking the one that offers more contrast to help on its legibility.


The symbol can be used when there is not enough space to place the full logo, and you can follow the same guidelines as above.

Product Icons

You can use the product icons every time you want to direct to a particular product or token. Be sure to be using the correct icon when referring to a product.


Purple is our brand color, and we have created a delightful and modern color-palette to be used with it.

Use our official colors always it is possible, when referring to one of our products.










Our primary typeface is Work Sans, an open source, clean and very legible font.

Work Sans

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