Here you will find our resources for you to integrate and develop with Swaap.

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

A list of third party IDEs compatible with Solidity, which is the language used on all Ethereum-based tokens.

Remix IDE

A widely used Solidity IDE for you to code your Smart Contracts and develop tools to interact with our platform. Visit Website ►


A Solidity IDE for you to code, compile and debug your Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Network. Visit Website ►

Ethereum Studio

Another web-based Solidity IDE platform, ideal for new developers looking to experiment with Smart Contracts. Visit Website ►

Visual Studio Code

A powerful cross-platform, professional IDE, with official Ethereum support. Visit Website ►

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Basic APIs for you to integrate Swaap to your own website, app or software. These APIs will serve you with an array of data pertaining to our tokens and general platform information. Some of the data may be sourced from third party platform, such as Etherscan and CMC.

Swaap - SAP

API Calls

General Information:
Total Supply: (Limit 5cps)
Non Circulating Supply: (Limit 5cps)

Swaap Governance - SAPG

API Calls

General Information:
Total Supply: (Limit 5cps)
Non Circulating Supply: (Limit 5cps)

Testnet (Ropsten)

You can use our Ropsten tokens to test your applications before deploying them on the mainnet. The best way to get some test Swaaps is to exchange them for Ether using Uniswap. Be mindful that the testnet price is not locked or tethered to the USD price, as it is on the mainnet.

Testnet Contract Address: 0x6ac92d4035088b626f562c41341451e9604d67b7


Use Uniswap to get some SAP test tokens to yourself.
Swap ► Pool ►


View the testnet contract on Etherscan.
Visit Website ►

Source Code

Our work is opens source, and you are free to use, copy, improve and give feedback on our source codes. Visit our Github page to have access to all of our source code files.


You can visit our Github directory to access all our source code files. Visit Website ►

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