Earn & Stake

There is a range of different ways for you to earn and stake Swaap tokens.

Bounty Campaign

We are currently running a bounty campaign on Bitcointalk, and you can be rewarded SAPG tokens by participating.

Total Reward: USD 60,000
Reward Token: SAPG
Participants Limit: 1,000
Starts: 16 Jan 21
Ends: 26 Mar 21

Liquidity Providing

Help and support our platform. Become a liquidity provider on Uniswap to be eligible to our airdrop campaign.

Total Reward: SAPG 100,000
Reward Token: SAPG
Participants Limit: -
Starts: 22 Feb 21
Ends: 31 Dec 21

Staking Program

You can stake your SAP and SAPG balances by simply creating an account and making a deposit with Nova Bank.

Total Reward: Up To 10% APY
Reward Token: SAP/SAPG
Participants Limit: -
Starts: 1 Feb 21
Ends: -

Want to purchase Swaap tokens?

You can purchase our tokens with your credit or debit card.