Purchase Swaap

Purchase Swaap tokens with your credit or debit card.

Please note that due to the high network and processing fees for the Ethereum network, Swaap Tokens (SAP) are being sold in increments of 100 units, with fees included on the purchasing price. Alternatively, we are making possible for users to purchase its Binance Smart Chain equivalent (BSAP) with zero processing and/or network fees. Please be sure to specify your correct wallet address, otherwise we might not be able to process your request, and you might lose your funds permanently.


Swaap Token (SAP)

2.99% Processing Fee + Network Fee

ERC-20 Wallet Address

Binance Swaap Token (SAPG)

Zero Fees

BEP-20 Wallet Address

How does it work?

Specify your wallet address and proceed with the PayPal checkout. You will be able to use your credit or debit card to complete the purchase, and once your payment is confirmed, we will process your order and credit the tokens into your wallet. The process usually takes a few hours, but we ask for you to allow at for at least one full working day to have the funds credited to you.

Want to earn Swaap tokens?

Explore your options for earning and staking our tokens.